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KIS Jelena
Sustainability and Regulatory Affairs Manager for CEE, Ball Packaging Europe
Jelena is working on management of the regulatory affairs and sustainability programs in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, with emphasis on Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia and Serbia. Represent company on regional forums and events as well as in professional associations, present company interests in national procedures as well as in framework of the industrial associations and committees related to the packaging and environment.

Jelena is a part of Ball’s sustainability team in Europe, working on the introduction of the different sustainability programs in production locations as well as other sustainability initiatives related to recycling, energy efficiency, certifications etc.

In previous role Jelena fully developed one specific initiative „Every Can Counts“ ( in Serbia and region (Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Hercegovina) as part of the network of 14 countries in Europe, supported by can makers and aluminium industry.  Every Can Counts aims to enable and encourage more people to recycle the drinks cans they use outside the home; specifically in workplaces and at locations and on occasions when people are ‘on the go’. The programme offers advice and practical support to organizations wishing to improve their recycling.

Chairman of the environmental group within the NALED.

By qualification, Jelena is Mag. ING. Biology with expertise in Environment, finished studies at University of Zagreb, FACULTY OF SCIENCE, Department for Biology.