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Founder & Owner, Belmedic
Dr Jasmina Knežević, MD – a paediatrician, the CEO of Bel Medic, founded this prestigious private hospital in 1995 together with her husband Milan Knežević, a movie director.

For 26 years, Bel Medic has been the leader in the private healthcare sector, and the entire system each year has been more successful than the previous thanks to Dr Jasmina Knežević’s innovative management model that connects quality medical and non-medical services which are completely focused on patients. Her commitment to the development of this model in Serbia and the improvement of reputation of the medical profession has been unique and continuous all these years, especially in 2020 during the pandemic. This resulted in Dr Jasmina Knežević winning the traditional prize “The Manager of the Year” for 2020, for the second time in her career. She was willing to take risk and make everyone around her safe during the pandemic, simultaneously demonstrating courage, positivism, determination, constructivism and quick adaptation to new circumstances while successfully managing Bel Medic Company, its staff, doctors and patients.

In 2019, she won the award “Paragon of Virtue” by Mokra Gora School of Management, while prior to that, in 2018, she received the “Top Woman Dragon” award given by the Association of Business Women of Serbia to the most successful female entrepreneurs.

Earlier, in 2017, Dr Knežević won the first Business Excellence Award given by the Serbian Association of Managers, while in 2016 she won the award “Creators of Century” in the Development of Entrepreneurship for Middle and South-eastern Europe category.

It is important to note that the influence and effort of Dr Jasmina Knežević was recognized even before this, when Bel Medic won first place in the Customer Relationship category at the prestigious European competition held on June 17, 2016 in Milan, Italy, in competition amongst 32,000 companies from all over Europe.

Prior to that, Dr Jasmina Knežević won the award “Woman Leader in Change” given by the American Chamber of Commerce in Serbia in 2014, and in the same year, magazines Ekonometar and Biznis selected her as the winner of the “Business Planet” award for the most successful female entrepreneur in Serbia. At the end of 2014, she received the prestigious international award “IWEC 2014” which is awarded to the most successful businesswomen in the world.

As the founder of the healthcare system which has been the leader in the private sector for all these years, a member of the Healthcare Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Managing Board of the Serbian Association of Managers, a member of Serbian business club “Privrednik”, as well as a founder and member of the Executive Board of the Association of Serbian Private Healthcare Providers, she has great impact on the changes taking place in the private sector, mostly in the medical field.

Today, Bel Medic is a strong leader in the private healthcare system in Serbia with a general hospital and outpatient clinics in five locations, with 488 full time employees, more than 500 leading physicians and more than 430,000 patients. Moreover, in 2020, guided by Dr Jasmina Knežević personally,

Bel Medic healthcare system opened an ANGIO room, a new hospital block with 25 beds, another intensive care unit and a new health centre.

Bel Medic is now in integration process with Acibadem Healthcare Group, who is one of the best private healthcare providers in the world.

Dr Knežević is permanently devoted and active in the creation of a better business environment which, along with innovations, is one of her most important personal goals.