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President, Lymphoma Patient Association
Maja Kocic is current President of Lymphoma Patients’ Association LYPA- Serbian Organization for lymphoma patients, family members and friends. She is a member of several other regional and international organizations. Maja earned her M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering at the University of Nis, Serbia. After graduation she was working at Department of Microelectronics as a teaching assistant.

In 2003, Maja was diagnosed with DLBCL- Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, stage IV. She went through chemo, radiation therapy and biological therapy. After all therapies she needed a bone marrow transplant that had at the end of 2004. After her recovery, she joined LYPA and has been active patient advocate ever since. She had devoted herself to patients’ advocacy and defense of patients’ rights. She is in charge of negotiation with state institutions, advocacy, and communication with medical experts and media.

Maja has been sharing the inspirational story of her survivorship in order to encourage, motivate and inspire not only lymphoma patients but also every audience. She and her team have implemented and managed a great number of successful social and educational campaigns in the field of lymphoma awareness, access to innovate treatment and lymphoma patient nutrition.

Maja believes in the power of kindness, knowledge and responsibility for achieving great goals. She was elected the member of the Lymphoma Coalition (global network) Board of Directors in 2015.

She is proud wife and mother of Tea and Tina.