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President, Lymphoma Patients Association, LYPA
Maja Kocic has a Master of Science in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nis, Serbia. Previously worked as an teaching assistant for 5 years and as an engineer at software and hardware company. After graduation she was working as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis.  

In 2003, she was diagnosed with DLBCL, stage IV and went through chemo, radiation therapy and biological therapy. After all therapies she needed a stem cell transplant that had at the end of 2004. After recovering, she joined Lymphoma Patient Association – LYPA, completely voluntary based organization, in 2009, started getting involved in patient advocacy and has been active patient advocate for more than 12 years. Since then, she has collaborated with a number of patient organisations across Serbia, Europe and all over the world. 

Currently she is a President of LYPA, working on a regular basis on raising the level of knowledge about lymphoma, giving information to the patients and supporting them as well, advocating the rights of the lymphoma patients, providing a better access to new treatments and clinical trials and promoting a healthy way of living.

By providing high-quality information, organizing meeting, lectures and training events and sharing the inspirational story of her survivorship she encourages, motivates and inspires not only lymphoma patients but also every audience. She has implemented and managed a great number of successful social and educational campaigns, access to innovate treatment and lymphoma patient nutrition. 

Also, she has launched and participated in several projects related to wide range of different topics related to lymphoma, innovation, digital technologies. Maja has been working on projects, that very close to her heart, according her professional background, associated with digitalization in healthcare, health data sharing, personalized healthcare,  that should lead to better quality, safety and sustainability of care. 

Maja was a member of Board of Directors of Lymphoma Coalition, a memeber of LCE CAB, and she has participated as a patient advocate speaker in many conferences throughout Europe, now she is focused on improving situation in her own country, because she believes in that the better patients in Serbia understand lymphoma, the more progress they can make! Currently she is a member of the Ethics Board of Serbia, an independent goverment-funded body for the implementation and monitoring of scientific research and clinical trials.