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Founder and Director, Mindfulness Center Belgrade
Vesna Kostic has been the founder and director of the Mindfulness Belgrade center since 2014 and the Belgrade Yoga center since 2008.

Ms. Kostic is the only certified Search Inside Yourelf© programme teacher in Serbia, certified by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. Currently, there are about 70 coaches in Europe certified for this programme. Search Inside Yourelf© has been developed and tested within the scope of Google, and its further application was continued with the SIYL institute. The programme is used in over 50 countries worldwide, and it’s created by some of the most renown world experts from the fields of psychology, neuro-science and Mindfulness like: Ph.dr.Daniel Goleman, Dr.Phillipe Goldin, Meet Marc Lesser and others.

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute from San Francisco is the most referenced institution in this area throughout the globe.

Ms. Kostic has also been the first certified teacher of the MBSR programme (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) in Serbia since 2014. The MBSR is currently considered one of the most efficient programmes in the world for stress management, attention development, communication skills and empathy. She is a member of the IMTA (International Mindfulness Federation) as well as the IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance).

Ms. Kostic is a liscenced yoga instructor since 2008.

Through a holistic approach, Vesna has been working diligently, for around 20 years, on the implementation of techniques for consciousness and attention development, the goal of which is further improvement of various domains of emotional intelligence and stress management. In that field she has created and led numerous continuous programmes for companies, institutions and individuals like: Hemopharm, Elektro privreda Srbije-sindikat, Axa osiguranje, the German Cultural Center(Goethe Institute), Atos, Imperial Tobacco, Opštinski centar za brigu o starima, deci i osobama s invaliditetom “Novi Beograd”, SOS dečija sela, Novomatic Lottery Solutions, Catena Media, Obrazovni Informator, and others.

She also founded and led various projects, out of which the most meaningful are: No stress festival (2016), Trauma sensitive Mindfulness (2017), Stress-free programme (2017; a 3 month programme for overcoming chronic stress) as well as the Adaptive programme (2017; adjusted to persons with disabilities).

She single handedly lead a series of intensive International programmes for overcoming stress and conscious attention development in Greece, Bulgaria, Germany, Nepal, India and Montenegro.

She was also the founder and director of the Ecco design company in Belgrade from 2008 untill 2014.