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Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
After completing his studies as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Ljubljana, in 1990, Krivec got a job at the company Celjske mesnine d.o.o. as a marketing manager. In 1996, he became Director of Celjske mesnine d.o.o. and since then has also been Chairman of the Board of the company. Strategic planning and investments have brought Celjske mesnine d.o.o. to one of the leading meat processing industries in Slovenia, which today employs more than 400 people.

In 2007 he made a strategic purchase, the most recognizable Slovenian brand of sparkling wine Radgonske gorice, d.d. and in 2010 the purchase of the Pršutarna Lokev s´krasa , d.o.o. After that the company started to expand abroad, branches were opened in Croatia and Serbia.

Izidor Krivec has also received many awards and achievements. Among them, in 2011, he received the Business Achievement Award (GZS), in 2016 he became the President of the GIZ - meat association, Celjski grb (Celje Coat of Arms award) for a successful entrepreneurial path and contribution to the development of the Celje economy in 2019. Krivec is also socially responsible because it also engages in sports, he is the president of the Celje women's handball club (ŽRK), member of the Presidency of the Handball Federation of Slovenia and a member of the board of directors of handball clubs and a proud supporter of the Sankaku judo club z´dežele.