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IT Entrepreneur/Co-Founder, Startit and Haptic Synaptic
Zoja Kukic is actively working within the tech and startup ecosystem for more than a decade, currently as a Fellow at Digital Supply Chain Institute, a non-profit based in New York, focused on the evolution of enterprise supply chains in the digital economy. She is the co-founder of Startit, a regional network organization helping high-tech startup companies grow.

Beside co-founding Startit, Zoja was also an instrumental leader in establishing a private non-profit think-tank called the Digital Serbia Initiative and was appointed Program Director for the startup ecosystem.

Zoja works together with entrepreneurs, investors, startup support organizations and bluechip corporations to strengthen collaboration and partnership and is part of Google's Launchpad Mentorship Network. Zoja has a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade and is active in empowering women in the tech and business sector.