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Vice President, NGO Terra Dinarica
Mrs Latinović (1984) is the vice president of the NGO Terra Dinarica, the Via Dinarica country lead organisation and one of the first organisations making the Via Dinarica a reality. Mrs. Latinovic works closely with local communities in developing sustainable development practices along the Via Dinarica trail, implementing different activities which would improve life in rural areas and protect wildlife, nature, traditional way of living and cultural heritage of the Dinaric Alps. Her team in Terra Dinarica works on training and education in the environmental field for various stakeholders, including mountaineering associations, national parks and protected areas, promoting tourism for the purpose of economic development of the region, while preserving the environment and respecting the sociocultural diversity and authenticity of local communities.

Mrs Latinović holds BA in Art History and Information Sciences and has completed various professional programs within her home country and abroad.