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LAZAREVIĆ Jelisaveta
Vice Dean and Professor, FEFA Faculty/Bloomberg Adria
Jelisaveta Lazarevic is an assistant professor at the FEFA Faculty. She is also a Chief Economy Producer at Bloomberg Adria. Jelisaveta is involved in the business development of the innovative company EM Analytic Solutions, which specializes in the application of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for the purpose of creating added business value in various industries. 
She started her career at the Center for Advanced Economic Studies, where she had the opportunity to work on a World Bank project for the Ministry of Economy: Employment and Competitiveness, where she specifically focused on the analysis of value chains in the sectors of the economy with the greatest development potential. She is a strong believer in inclusive innovation-driven development and for two years she was Head of corporate partnerships at All for All organization, where she is a board member.
Jelisaveta completed her undergraduate and master's studies at the FEFA Faculty as a student of the generation. During her undergraduate studies, she was named one of the best economics students in Serbia by the Serbian Association of Economists. She defended her Ph.D. dissertation at the FEFA Faculty in the field of business economics on the topic: Essays on strategy and innovation.
At the FEFA Faculty, she works on projects that contribute to the competitiveness of the economy, especially through the research of companies that are defined as "hidden champions". During her career so far, she has received several awards, such as being selected as a future leader of Europe by the France Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.