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Director, Serbian Business Registers Agency
Born in Požega in 1979, where he finished primary school and grammar school, Science-Mathematics Course. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Belgrade, Department of Computer Science & Informatics.

While studying for his Bachelor's degree he was participating in various software development projects, including those involving development of complex software systems. His extra-curricular activities during studies related to student activism. During his fourth and senior grade at the Faculty he led one of the largest student organizations in Belgrade. As a student representative of the University of Belgrade, he was nominated and consequently appointed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia as a student representative to the governing bodies of the Student Centre Belgrade (2004-2006).

Initially, he pursued his software developer career at an agency, designing integral accounting software systems (2007-2008), and then he carried on as a company owner (2008-2014). Besides its core economic activity, design and sale of complex bookkeeping software, his company was providing bookkeeping services and was also developing multi-functional software for a large number of partners and customers as an outsourced software development company.

In early 2013, he became Director of the Information Technology Sector at Srpska banka a.d., where he was in charge of systemic and organizational tasks related to the development and maintenance of the Bank's information and telecommunications infrastructure. In 2014, the year in which Srpska banka faced significant challenges in its functioning, he was appointed as a member of the Bank’s Executive Board. Together with his colleagues in the Executive Board and with the assistance of the state, he has successfully implemented a complex restructuring of the Bank, establishing new business strategies. The result of these and subsequent activities was the stable operation and positive business result of Srpska banka. In the years that followed, he became responsible for the Bank's risk management functions, AML function, as well as payment and documentary operations.

In March 2019, when he occupied the position of a member of the Executive Board of Srpska banka a.d., he was appointed as Acting Director of the Serbian Business Registers Agency and, in October 2019, as Director of the Agency, for a five-year term of office.

He gained significant experience during 2014, performing the functions of a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Securities Depositary and Clearing House. From the end of 2014 until today, he has been serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Securities Depositary and Clearing House, in two terms.

Since December 2019, he has been chairing the Management Board of the SEE Regional Business Registries Portal (BIFIDEX), the implementation of which is funded by the EBRD. In addition to the Serbian Business Registers Agency and the Central Registry of the Republic of North Macedonia, the business registration authorities of Republika Srpska and Montenegro have also joined the Portal.