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Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade
Publications / Projects: Published over 500 papers, of which more than 300 are in international journals, collections of international Conferences and books issued by foreign publishers; He has done over 200 projects (domestic, international). It has 31 references to the SCI / WoS list, with 514 citations. The CIRP GA and CIRP Procedia have 11 references. He held 84 lectures by invitation, in the country and worldwide (at Conferences, as well as for Doctoral students). He held classes and was a member of the commission for the defense of theses at: University of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Pristina, Nis, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Zenica, Rijeka, Budapest, Vienna, Bucharest. He has published 42 books, monographs and handbooks, both in the country and abroad. He is a member of 32 IPC (EB) International Conferences and Magazines (domestic / international). He received the October PC Prize for the best master and doctoral thesis. At the IFIP Conference, held in Bordeaux in 1990, he received the Best Work Award - Expert Systems and Maintenance. At Elsevier and North Holland, The Netherlands, and Springer, Germany, as the author / editor, published 10 Mongraphies and Proceedings. He was the editor of special editions of the journal: International Journal 'Computers in Industry' and International Journal 'Total Quality Management'. He is a member of the IPC's most prestigious CIRP Conference "Manufacturing Systems" since 2002, then "CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering", since 2006, etc.

Membership: CIRP (International Institution for Production Research), Paris, France (since 1995); IFIP (International Federation for Information Processing), Geneva, Switzerland (since 1998); IFAC (International Federation for Automation and Control), Vienna, Austria (since 1999); IMEKO (International Confederation for Measuring), Budapest, Hungary (since 1998); JUSE (Japanese Union Scientist and Engineers), Tokyo, Japan (since 1996); ASQ (American Society for Quality), Milwaukee, USA (since 2000); Association of Serbia for Quality and Standardization (JUSK), Secretary General (1992-2007); Member of the European Organization for Quality Board (since 2000); Member of JUPITER Association, Belgrade, Serbia (since 1977); Member of the Team of Specialists UN (United Nations) ECE (Economic Commission for Europe), Geneva, Switzerland (since 2002); Member of the WG EFQM / EOQ for Education, Brussels, Belgium (since 2000); Member Task Group - IQC IEEC for QA and NQP, (since 2001); Member of the Yugoslav / Serbian Maintenance Association (since 1976); Member of the NTP EU Board (since 2007). Official EC Rewier for FP Program / Horizon 2020, Future Factories, etc