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MARIĆ Milica
Founder and Owner, Wood Mood Design
Milica Marić is CEO of WOOD MOOD DESIGN, furniture design brand made in Serbia in 2010. She graduated the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade, majoring in interior architecture, while her woodworking skills come from over a decade-long family tradition. Every WOOD MOOD DESIGN piece of furniture has its story, that form of a design retells it, and the finest woodworking carries it on to the next generation. Milica Marić is the designer behind over 50 different pieces of furniture, and many design awards testify to how successfully her design solutions introduced solid wood into contemporary design era.

In April 2016, she received her first award, the A’ Design Award – Como, Italy, for the lamp "Lajka Clip", in the lighting category. Next year (2017) brings few international design awards: Lamp "611Cup" and bench "Puff" win European Product Design Award - Brussels, Belgium, in the lighting and furniture categories, respectively, and "Puff" also wins the A' Design Award - Como, Italy, in the furniture and decorative interior objects category the same year. The WM2 club table and lamp "611Cup" won the International Design Award in the furniture category in Los Angeles, USA, in 2016-2017. Another International Design Award, California, USA, deservedly goes to „O" lamp, in the lighting category, for the years 2018–2019.Table „Long Socks" wins two awards in 2020. -  BIG SEE design award, Ljubljana, Slovenia, as well as the most significant one so far – the golden Muse design award, New York, USA, in category product design.

Design is all around us, but good design that is focused on people, problem solving and resistant to fast changing trends is rare. WOOD MOOD DESIGN is a result of design thinking that puts humans and their needs at the center of attention, finding aesthetic inspiration in tradition and nature. Traditional elements have metamorphosed into minimalistic shapes, yet they still carry the signature features of their time, molded into contemporary forms. Made of natural materials, nature itself dictated design forms in some cases, bringing present day human in touch with nature, such a necessary move in these modern, hectic times.