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Director, Tax Revenue Administration, Republic of Serbia
Born in 1963 in Belgrade. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Belgrade University.
She is a professional who obtained a wide range of knowledge in various fields and a longtime experience in the leading positions both in the private and state sectors.
The Government of the Republic of Serbia appointed Dragana Markovic Director of the Tax Administration on June 8, 2015.

She came into this position from the function of Deputy Head of Logistics of the Security Information Agency. Before that, she was a State Secretary in charge of finances in the Ministry of Mining, Natural Resources and Spatial Planning.
She worked in the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency in the capacity of a General Supervisor to Bankruptcy Administrators and has an official license for Bankruptcy Supervisors.
During the course of her career, as an expert in financial and commercial transactions of major enterprises, she worked in national and foreign companies where she was engaged in managing domestic and foreign investments.
She was a Financial Director in the Share Holders Tourist Society "Putnik", and manager of an Austrian company which dealt with import and export of liquefied petroleum gas. Before that, she was a Director of one of “NIS Jugopetrol” Departments, where she worked from 1992 until 2005. She gained previous experience from the position of Head of Finances and Accounting in a domesticenterprise which imported and distributed food products.
Her career started as a Professor at the School of Economy “Nada Dimic” in Zemun.
She passed the professional examination for members of security sector, examination for managers of financial management and control, as well as for administering the system of public procurement in the budget organization.
She is married and has a daughter and a granddaughters.