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Member of the Executive Board, Dunav Insurance
Milo Marković was born in 1984 in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade, majoring in Finance, Banking and Insurance, in 2008 as one of the best students of his generation. He completed his Master's studies in Quantitative Analysis at the same faculty 2012.

He started his work experience in the company Dunav Insurance j.s.c. in 2008 at the position of an actuary. He started working in the Association of Insurers of Serbia in 2013, first as the chief actuary, and then as the director of the Green Card Bureau. He returned to Dunav Insurance j.s.c. at the end of 2015 as the director of the Actuarial Sector, while continuing to perform the duties of the chief actuary of the Association of Insurers of Serbia. He was appointed as a member of the Executive Board of Dunav Insurance j.s.c. in May 2022, and in that capacity he is competent and responsible for the activities of the Actuarial and Solvency Risk Management Function and the Risk Assessment and Acquisition Directorate. At the same time, he was appointed as an advisor for financial issues in the Association, and continued to perform duties of the coordinator of the Actuarial Commission and the Risk Management Commission of the Association of Insurers of Serbia.

During his rich professional career, he was engaged as a representative of the insurance sector in creation of a series of legislative proposals that regulate the insurance sector and actuarial science. In 2014 and 2015, as the director of the Serbian Green Card Bureau, he represented the interests of our country and the domestic insurance sector before the Council of the Bureau in Brussels and other international organizations dealing with the regulation and monitoring of the MTPL insurance market.

He obtained his licence of an authorized actuary in 2012, and by the Decision of the Governor of the National Bank of Serbia, and as a representative of the Association of Insurers of Serbia, he was appointed a member of the Certification Exam Committee.

He is fluent in English and speaks French.

He is married and the father of two children.