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Journalist, RTS
Jovan Memedovic is a journalist, employed by Serbian national Television, author of documentary series “Sasvim prirodno” (Completely natural), host of quiz show The Chase and laureate of prestigious award “Laza Kostic” granted by Journalists` association of Serbia.

Born in Belgrade on April 22nd 1960. He graduated in 1984. from Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade, and started working at Serbian national television in 1986. He hosted The Morning show, Belgrade chronicle, and anchored news. Since 1993, he worked at the Sports department as boxing commentator, and ran commentary for major sport events such as Olympic games in Beijing and London, as well as World soccer championships In South Africa and Germany.

He authored “The world of hunting and fishing” in 1995, travelling to Siberia, Iceland, Greenland and Norway. Serial was immensely popular, and not just among hunters and fishermen.

Several years later he created documentary series “Completely natural” which endures test of time, and is still running. Working on this project, he travelled throughout Siberia, Far East, Kola peninsula, Norway, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Svalbard and most European countries. Naturally, most of the stories were filmed in Serbia and neighboring countries.

Besides his regular documentary production, he works as a host for the quiz show  ”The Chase”.

Journalists` association of Serbia presented him with Laza Kostic award in the best reportage category. Jovan Memedovic was chosen by the viewers as a TV face of the year for several years running.