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CEO, Yettel/President, FIC Serbia
Mike Michel is the CEO of Yettel Serbia (formerly Telenor Serbia) and the President of the Foreign Investors Council. He assumed the position of CEO of the company on October 8, 2018. Prior to joining the company, he held the position of Marketing Executive at Banglalink, a telecommunications company in Bangladesh. Also, Michel was the Executive Director of Marketing at Yettel Hungary, (formerly Telenor Hungary), and Vice President of Brand Management at Telenor Group in Norway.

Michel has more than twenty years of experience in leadership positions in global telecommunications companies in the region, North America, and Asia. He worked in various management positions in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Montenegro, and Hungary. He spent five years in Serbia and Montenegro, during which he led teams in the field of commerce and business.

He graduated in economics from Simon Fraser University in Canada.