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President, OMR Group
The founder and president of OMR Group, Ostoja Mijailović is highly motivated and experienced business owner, responsible for the operations of all the companies within the Group.

From the humble beginnings in Čačak, where he opened an auto repair shop “KUM” in 2002, Ostoja Mijailović learnt, advanced and developed his business in various segments of automotive industry. Several years after the first business steps, he founded Bavaria Motorrad (in 2006) and ten years later, this time as an experienced entrepreneur, he founded British Motors (2016), an exclusive distributor for Jaguar Land Rover Group in the Western Balkans. In 2020, he became a member of the Board of Directors at the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

From a small initial team, the number of associates and clients was gradually increasing, and the family company expanded and transformed into an automotive group recognized by the level and quality of the services rendered.
Ostoja Mijailović recognized the importance of associates in business early on and, parallel to his own development, he invested into the education of the employees, as well as in the cooperation with the leading experts in the relevant industries. In 2020, the existing companies integrated into OMR Group, which is today a home to distinguished experts in various fields of automotive, insurance, real estate and financial industries.

Ostoja Mijailović is known to the general public as the President of the Basketball Club Partizan since 2017 and President of Yugoslav Sport Society (2022).