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Director, Fruit & Vegetables, Delta Agrar
Igor Milenković is a Director of Fruits and Vegetables in Delta Agrar, as well as a General Manager of Delta Frukt, daughter company of Delta Agrar, based in Moscow.
His first step into the dynamic business world was in January 2015, within the program “Young Leaders” organized by Delta Holding. Soon after, he started to make his way in Agrar field, as an Operations Development Manager. In January 2018. Igor moves to Moscow as a Commercial Director of Delta Frukt, where he will stay up until middle of 2019. 
Couple of months before returning to Serbia as a new Director of Fruits and Vegetables, Igor became General Manager of Delta Frukt and currently is in charge for both Russian and Serbian business of Delta Agrar’s F&V sector. Today, he is also part of a Delta Holding’s top management.
As a member of Delta Holding, Delta Agrar  has been present in the agribusiness community since 1993 and remains a leader in all aspects of agricultural operations. Through intensive implementation of state-of-the-art world technologies in agribusiness and ongoing enhancement of knowledge, the company always strives to keep up with global trends.
Igor holds a Bachelor of International Management from Faculty of Economics in Niš and speaks English and Russian fluently.