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CEO, Beo Čista Energija
Born in 1961 in Belgrade, Vladimir Milovanovic career spans over almost 30 years working in Energoprojekt companies in Serbia, Africa, Russia, and UAE where he acquired wide-ranging experience as the mechanical engineer and manager, including 7 successful years as CEO of the Energoprojekt Holding Plc. after being elected in Sept 2010.
Since November 2017, Vladimir Milovanovic has taken the role of Managing Director of Beo Čista Energija Ltd., special purpose vehicle company established by Itochu Corporation (Japan), Veolia (France) and Marguerite Fund (Luxemburg) to implement Private Public Partnership project worth Euro 370 million structured as a design-build-finance-operate (DBFO). Founded on the initial Sponsors equity investment of Euro 80 million and City of Belgrade undertakings under the PPP Contract, international financing institutions such as EBRD, IFC and OeEB, are providing long-term non-recourse financing of Euro 290,5 million. Construction of modern facilities for treatment, recovery, and disposal of the communal waste for the City of Belgrade is bundled with closure and remediation of the existing unsanitary landfill representing one of the major environmental challenges in Belgrade. Construction includes new sanitary landfills, energy from waste facility, landfill gas facility, construction and demolition waste recovery facility, leachate treatment facility and corresponding electrical and traffic  infrastructure. Belgrade PPP project in Vinča is considered to be one of the biggest projects in the field of management and treatment of communal waste in Southeast Europe.
During the rich career, he has acquired extensive international experience in marketing, bidding, contract negotiation and managing projects and companies.

He completed Bachelor studies at Mechanical Faculty in Belgrade in 1986 (B.Sc.ME) and Master Certificate studies in Project Management (MC. PM) at Washington University DC in 1999.