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State Secretary, Ministry of Economy, Government of the Republic of Serbia
Born in 1982 in Ljubovija, where he completed elementary school and high school.
From 2005 to 2010, he worked as a private entrepreneur in the field of transport.
After obtaining a diploma from the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, in 2010, he started working as a court administrator in the Higher Court in Belgrade, where he gained work   experience in judicial practice.
In the period from 2012 to 2016, he performed the duties of an expert associate for legal and normative affairs and a public procurement officer at public utility company "Standard" in Ljubljana, as well as the position of officer for the needs of indirect budget beneficiaries the founder of which is the municipality of Ljubovija as an additional business engagement.
Since 2016, he has been assigned to the position of head of the sector for general, legal and personnel affairs in public utility company "Standard" Ljubovija, as well as the statutory representative of a public company before courts and other state bodies.
In 2018, he took up the post of deputy mayor of the municipality of Ljubovija, where he gained experience in the preparation and realization of investments in infrastructure facilities as well as establishing cooperation with investors.
He speaks English and Russian.
He is married, the father of two children.
On the authority of the Minister, State Secretary Darko Mitrović, 
• Monitors, coordinates and directs the Sector for Investments, the Sector for Investments in Infrastructure Projects, as well as the Sector for Companies and Business Registers;
• Attends Government sessions and working bodies of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the case of the minister's absence or inability to participate