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U-Report Strategic Data Analyst, UNICEF Serbia
Marko Mitrović is a U-Report Strategic Data Analyst at UNICEF Serbia CO Adolescent and youth development programme. He is responsible for the U-Report platform which is a social monitoring tool designed for young people and community members to strengthen the community-led development,
citizen engagement, as well as the access to and the use of real-time monitoring and participation platforms.

He has a degree in Economics with the thesis devoted to the influence of leaders on team productivity in the process of innovation development. During studies, he attended several trainings such as:
•    Advanced Excel for Young Economists
•    ECDL (European Computer Driving License) course
•    KONSEK (Congress of Economics Students on Zlatibor)
•    Project Management

Also, he was involved in several projects such as:
•    Neocolonialism as a factor in the development of business culture
•    ISO standards – innovation in modern business
•    Development of smart learning platform
•    Phases of the life cycle of companies
•    Innovation in education

As a student he worked at NLB and Societe Generale bank as a data entry specialist. After graduation, he started working at the Efektus Consulting Group as a junior consultant – analyst, where he worked on the reorganization of business operation and processes, monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI), and engaged in analytics daily. After that, he moved to the Fortrade LTD, an online trading company, where he worked as a data analyst for a few years with the focus on generating reports on various metrics, both quantitative and qualitative.
Since 2019, he started his own consulting agency RAS which has been operating regularly since then.