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Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade
He was born on the 11.03.1957. in Lopare, Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). He graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade in 1981. and successfully defended his magisterium (1988) and Ph.D. thesis (1992). He started his professional carrier as constructor-technologist at the rolling bearing factory IKL (Belgrade) and since 1983. he is full-time employed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade. Beside the duties of the bachelor assistant (1983-1988), teaching assistant (1988-1992), assistant professor (1992-1997), associate professor (1997-2003) and full professor (2003-till now) he was involved in the numerous management activities: member of the faculty Council, chief of the Machine Design Department, etc.  Since the 2015, he is the Dean of the Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering.

The most important duties: During the studies, he was the president of the Student conference SSOJ (1978) and in the period 1979-1980 he was the student vice-dean at the Faculty of the Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. After the studies, he was engaged in the numerous public duties in the area of education and science in the Republic of Serbia: deputy minister for science and technology (1998-2000), minister for science and technology (2000-2001), state secretary of the Ministry of education, science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia (2008-2013.) etc. He was also the member of the Scientific and technical council OSPP at SEV (Rolling bearing manufacturers and consumers society), as well as the member of national UNESCO commission. In the period 2005-2008. he was the president of the management board of the Institute for the Technology of Nuclear and Mineral Resources - ITNMS. At the rolling bearing factory IKL (Belgrade) he was the president of the management board in the period 1995-2000. as well as the full member (2003-2006). He is the manager and the founder of the Laboratory for Machine Elements and Systems testing (LIMES) – accredited since the year of 2008th.  

Publications / Projects: He is the author/co-author of more than twenty lecture books, handouts and books of examples, two monograph studies and six technical solutions. He is the inventor in the two registered patents. He published more than 200 papers in the international and national journals as well as in the proceedings of the numerous scientific conferences – among them, 17 were published in the journals from the SCI/WoS, with more than 200 citations. He was participant and manager of numerous scientific projects (more than 90) in the following areas: machine elements and systems calculations, rolling bearings experimental testing, technical legislation, management of the engineering projects, EU directives, machine design and machine elements and systems reliability. As a mentor and a member, he participated in the numerous commissions for magisterium and Ph.D. thesis approval – at the Faculty of Mechanical Belgrade, but at the other faculties as well. He attended two international study visits longer than one month: VNIIPP, Moscow, Russia (1987) and Brno, Czech (1990 - 1991).  He received the October prize of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce for Magister (1988) and Ph.D. (1992) thesis as well as the Gold medal of Nikola Tesla by Belgrade association of Inventors and Authors of Technical Improvements (2016).

Membership: ADEKO – Association for Design, Elements and Constructions (president since the December 2014th); DIVK – Construction Integrity Society; Serbian Tribology Society; Serbian Society for Mechanic; etc.