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Adviser to EIU Healthcare, The Economist Intelligence Unit
Dr Vivek Muthu is a physician and entrepreneur specialising in health system value and efficiency. He founded Bazian, a company focusing on the application of analytics and evidence to deliver high quality, safe, cost effective care and to maximise health resource utilisation and value. Bazian was acquired by The Economist Group, to found and grow the Economist’s global healthcare practice under Vivek’s leadership.

Vivek now continues to advise the Economist Group. He additionally works as a consultant to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and is a director of a biotech company (Lamellar Biomedical) and a healthcare data analytics company (Pavilion Health). An experienced speaker and moderator, he is a regular contributor to international summits and round tables for the Economist, for industry, for policy-makers, NGO and third sector participants in healthcare. He is on the steering committee for All.Can, an international, multistakeholder initiative to improve the efficiency and outcomes of cancer care.

Vivek holds a first-class honours degree in neurophysiology and a degree in medicine and surgery from Oxford and Cambridge Universities.