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Managing Director of the Center for Digital Transformation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Predrag Nikolić is an experienced professional in leading companies, particularly in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), finance, and the real sector. His ability to successfully manage business operations in both domestic and international markets is evidenced by his extensive experience, totaling 16 years in senior managerial positions including that of General Director and Head of Department.

One of his key attributes are his pronounced leadership skills, combined with a results-oriented approach, which assists him in efficiently managing teams and achieving outstanding job performance. Throughout his studies, he remained employed full-time, further demonstrating his dedication and work ethic.

Since February 2015, Predrag Nikolić has served as an advisor to the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, thereby contributing to the development of the business environment in the country. His expertise and experience are extremely beneficial in advising on strategic issues and operational improvements.

He is currently serving as the General Director at the Center for Digital Transformation, a role that, since April 2018, has involved leading major initiatives for the digitization and modernization of business processes. His work in this field reflects a commitment to innovation and a continuous tendency to improve efficiency and productivity in the digital era.