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Secretary of the Association of Financial Institutions, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Katarina has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, and over 15 years of professional experience in the financial sector in management positions, and 16 years of experience in the private sector. In August 2016, she joined the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, as Secretary of the Association of Financial Institutions. Furthermore, she is a member of the ICC Banking Commission, a leading global rule-making body for the banking industry, producing universally accepted rules and guidelines for international banking practice. In addition, she is a team member of Finance4Social Change project - new finance vehicles (repayable and non-repayable financial instruments), member of a number of Government Working Groups. She worked together with the Nacional Bank of Serbia on standardization of IPS QR code on printed bills/invoices for instant payments at merchants' points-of-sale. More recently, she has been actively involved in the development of a point-of-sale instant payment application for merchants who do not have POS terminals.