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Executive Director for Financial Affairs, EPS
Tatjana Pavlović is born in 1973. In 1997, she graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, where she was assistant and demonstrator in Special accounting.
Tatjana Pavlović starts her career in “Deloitte” company, in 2005, as a Senior Consultant, to advance in a short time period to the managerial position. She participates in and manages a large number of projects implying assessment of capital value, financial and corporate analysis of the company, market analysis, benchmark analysis, SWOT analysis, due diligence, information memoranda, privatization, restructuring, business plans, bank’ risk management, ERP and BI implementation, audit of accounting statements. After six successful managing years, she becomes SP Lasta a.d. CFO.
In 2015, she becomes a part of JP EPS team as coordinator for reorganization projects. Since November 2015, on position of the Head of Department for Financial Affairs, and since April 2016, JP EPS Executive Director for Financial Affairs.
Tatjana Pavlović manages numerous projects referring to automation of business processes and establishment of corporate management, the most important of which is implementation of SAP ERP solution in a third of EPS group performing regulated activity of electricity distribution, which implies unified recording of business changes in a part of accounting, controlling, sale and supplies management (over 700 daily access users).