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Director, Termovent Komerc
Dušan Perović, born in 1955, a graduate from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, is the Founder and Co-Owner, and now the President of the family-owned company Termovent.

Dušan Perović, as the founder and strategist of the Company, defines business and personal success through several mandatory factors, such as:
The Company’s program orientation and hard work on technological development.
Extensive work with personnel, focused education and technical training. Through practice, specific projects and tasks, long-term plans for the joint development of Termovent and its personnel, the employees represent one of the most important resources, and strengths, of the Company.
Additional technological equipping implies constant work and tasks as it increases productivity, lowers the price of products and significantly ensures continuously needed quality.
The personnel, software and technology potential ensure the continuous increase of total income, production volume and the number of employees.
The involvement of Miloš and Andrija, and their takeover of significant business activities has provided a great deal of relief, in every sense, to all segments of Company’s management.