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Co-Founder, Heliant
Mr. Vukašin Radulović, M.Sc. Electrical Engineering is the founder of companies that emerged as a result of twenty years of experience in the field of information and communication technologies.
The companies are specialized in providing consulting services in the field of information technology, information security management, design and development of dedicated software solutions especially in the field of health and insurance.
From 2009 to 2013, he performed the function of the Executive Director for Health Insurance Development in the National Health Insurance Fund (HIF) of the Republic of Serbia, in charge of all HIF development projects. Further, Mr. Radulovic was engaged in projects supporting the reform of compulsory health insurance, primarily in the area of changing the way of financing, as well as managing the project for developing the integrated information system of the (HIF). He was a member of the National Expert Committee on Information Technology in Health and of the National Expert Committee for drafting the new Law on Medical Records of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.
Until 2009, as a senior IT engineer and IT systems designer, he participated in and managed software development projects for companies from Serbia, Canada, Sweden, Finland and England.
Mr. Vukašin Radulović, M.Sc. Electrical Engineering was born on May 29, 1974, in Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the University of Belgrade in 2000, where he received his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in 2009. In 2011, he acquired a Master's degree in healthcare management at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade. He speaks English and French. He is married with two children.