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Managing Director, Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia
Ivan Rakonjac has more than ten years of experience in the manufacturing sector, in the development and application of new products, quality control and production management. Ivan managed numerous projects from the field of energy efficiency of public and urban lighting, as well as the environmental impact of lighting, comfort and safety of work areas and open public spaces. The last six years he spent in the public sector involved in promoting and supporting SME and innovative ecosystem growth. Since 2015, he is the Managing Director of the Serbian Innovation Fund, a key state institution supporting innovative activities and managing funds for stimulating innovation. Ivan transferred his professional experience to university teaching in the field of project and risk management. Currently, he holds the position of assistant professor at the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Security Studies. Ivan holds MS in the field of industrial systems engineering at L’École Centrale Paris and a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the University of Belgrade.