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Professor, Institute of Social Sciences
Mirjana Rašević is Principal Research Fellow and Head of the Centre for Demographic Research of the Institute of Social Sciences, as well as Professor at the Demography Department of the Faculty of Geography, Belgrade University. Also working as a Professor in a Master’s programme (Quantitative Analysis) at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Belgrade and in a Master’s programmes (Migration Studies) at the University of Belgrade. Former Director of the Institute of Social Sciences between 2002 and 2015. Rašević has authored about a dozen books, several articles, has worked as an associate in many studies on the relevant topics and has been a contributing participant in a large number of conventions. From 1996 to 2010, she was the Editor of the journal Stanovništvo (Population). Manager of 20 projects, including those of strategic relevance. Co-coordinator in two European projects: Managing Migration and its Effects in South-East Europe-SEEMIG (2012-2014) and Improving Institutional Capacities and Fostering Cooperation to Tackle the Impacts of Transnational Youth Migration-YOUMIG (2017-2019).