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Founder and Director, EcoPark Belgrade
Having completed basic and master studies in marketing and communications at Nipissing University, Canada, I returned to Belgrade, my hometown, and launched a career in Delta Holding, the largest local company. In 2006-2011, I held various positions in the marketing and public relations departments (CSR Manager, International Relations Manager, etc.). After Delta Holding, I worked in Strauss Adriatic as Brand Manager the marketing sector until 2015. Then my family moved as expats to Athens, followed by Sofia, where we lived 2.5 years. 
As a mother, former athlete and person who cares about her family’s health, I have always wanted to know the origin of food products we use on a daily basis. As a result, I developed a passion for growing organic fruit and vegetables and related secondary products (juices, jams, ajvar, etc.).
We started cultivating plants in 2017, and obtained organic certificate for plant production in 2018. A year later, we also obtained a cattle breeding certificate and then established the first organic farm with a restaurant, EkoPark Beograd, unique in Serbia and wider by its "farm-to-table" concept.
The organic farm covers 7.5 hectares and includes a lake, hanging bridge, organic vineyard, orchard, mini zoo, numerous playrooms and children’s entertainment elements. The "farm-to-table" concept means that everything we produce at our farm is prepared fresh in our restaurant for our guests, and all interested visitors can purchase our products.
As this story turned from a hobby to a family business, and then to a serious concept, I decided to apply the acquired experience and know-how and fully focus on EkoPark Beograd’s further development.