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Director, Jugotex
Dejan Ristić was born on July 31, 1972 in Smederevo, where he still lives and works. He is married and father of two children. He is a mechanical engineer.
Jugotex, a company founded by Dejan Ristić in 1996, had only 2 employees, in order to have a production facility and a significant number of loyal users, thanks to the high quality of products and the prudent management of operations. Breaking and important years in the growth of the company, from the aspect of market share, income and number of employees were in 2007. and 2014. Dejan Ristić's special business success was recorded in 2017. when he signed a long-term cooperation agreement with a large and respected European company, thanks to which a large number of workers throughout Europe are wearing protective clothing produced in Jugotex. Currently, Jugotex employs 62 workers, and occasionally, when the job requires, it additionally hires and employs up to 400 workers.
The company and Dejan Ristić grew up and developed together. Dejan has gone through all the business phases and jobs during his professional development, so for him there is no unknown thing in the business he is dealing with. He develops his knowledge and skills at work every day at seminars in the country and abroad, as well as working with clients coming from prestigious European companies.
Dejan Ristić's achieved successes are also reflected by the fact that Ernst & Young has been rated as one of the top five managers in Serbia in 2016. by a reputable Audit Consulting Company in Serbia. He has received many awards and recognitions, and he is especially grateful to you for the Bronze Gazelle of Serbia 2017. which is awarded by the international organization Bisnode, the most successful of the fastest growing companies in the country.
Dejan Ristić has been transferring his knowledge and development experience in the business for several years to his newly-raised son, who will replace him in the foreseeable future in the leading position in Jugotex.
Dejan is a sponsor of important city events, and is also known for donations and financial assistance to organizations and people in need of help.