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Co-Owner, Lawa
Danilo Rutovic, a 29 year old co-founder and director of Lawa Group. After he graduated the economics in Belgrade and successful internship in a renowned bank, he started working in family owned company related to real estate business. Once he became experienced in every aspect of company!s work, Danilo decided to start on his own and co-founded Lawa Group. As a project manager of Lawa Group!s first real estate project in Kopaonik !"Lawa 22!!#and it!s successful finalization, he dedicated his time to develop and finalize one more successful project in Vracar called !"East Point!!. Currently, he is working as a project manager of Lawa Group!s third and biggest real estate project, the green oasis called Ozone Residence. Apart from building the first gated community complex in Belgrade, Lawa Group is dedicated to the development and additional greening of a whole location where Ozone Residence is projected - the Block 6. With 3 new real estate projects in the making and international plans ahead, his goal is to create valuable and prosperous portfolio of real estate projects that make difference.