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Co-owner, New Moment
Lazar Sakan, Co-owner New Moment New Ideas Company network Step into the advertising world by the age of six as a child actor for the campaigns for Nintendo, Supa C, Robna Kuca Beograd and many more. After finished schools and studies in Ljubljana, London, Barcelona and USA and getting AA degree in business administration, started working in New Moment Belgrade under the patronization of his father and life mentor Dragan Sakan. Since stepped into the business had experience in most of the sectors (creative, account, PR, event production..) and worked on over dozens of clients.  As a director of New Moment Gallery, which is integral part of NM network, worked and organized many exhibitions of local and international artists (Picasso, Dali, Miro, Warhol, Lichtenstien, Boogie, Djile Markovic, Milija Belic, Petar Mirkovic, Era Milivojevic..) published art books and presented Serbian art scene on international art fairs.