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Representative in Serbia and Special Envoy of the Regional Director for the Western Balkans, WHO
Dr Scano has over 20 years of experience in public health programme management and policy development in areas ranging from disease control, outbreak response, to regulatory strengthening. Dr Scano took up many important assignments with WHO Headquarters in Geneva and in the field including South Africa to assist the country with the outbreak of extensively drug-resistant TB in 2007.

In China, Dr Scano supervised all communicable and noncommunicable disease programmes in the WHO China Office, and supported strengthening of the National Regulatory Authority for medicine, vaccines and other health products. Since Jan 2020, Dr Scano has been at the forefront of the WHO COVID-19 response in China first and then he provided support to the WHO European office on COVID-19 response. Prior to his assignment in Serbia as WHO Representative and Special Envoy of the WHO Regional Director for the Western Balkans, Dr Scano was acting WHO Representative for WHO in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
Dr Scano is a public health specialist and holds a M.D. from University of Padua, Italy; a post graduate degree in Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine; and he is a Yale World Fellow.