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HR Director, OTP Bank
More than 15 years of work in HR allowed me to shape and practice my passion for communication, development and people in large systems, simultaneously transforming myself and organizations. I started my long-term work in the banking industry in 2006 at Societe Generale bank, where I entered HR through business positions. Following my own and the company's initiative, I developed my competences through opportunities to develop through different positions, first in training and development, then through HR business partnership. I was entrusted with large projects of transformation of the business model and organization, then various acquisitions and finally the largest integration in our region - the creation of today's OTP Bank. Since July 2022, I have been leading a great HR team in the direction of creating an organization whose focus is people and their satisfaction. We have won many prestigious awards, the most recent of which are: the best HR practice in 2022, the best Strategic HR for 2023 and  the Employer Partner certificate for excellence in human resources management. I value the sharing of knowledge and experience and believe in changing the environment through support, so I am also involved in coaching, I am the creator of various innovative and development programs, a lecturer in the field of HR at several Academies.