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Assistant Director, Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia
Rade Šević, as head of the Transformation Sector of Tax administration of the Republic of Serbia, actively participates in the design and implementation of structural reform changes in the tax administration since 2015. He is the coordinator of the World Bank Tax Administration Modernization Project (TAMP) and the contact person for assistance in the IMF capacity development program. Rade also coordinates and supervises all donor and creditor activities with the Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia, in particular Accountable Public Finance Management Platform - UNDP with financial support of SIDA, Knowledge sharing program with Korean Development Institute and GIZ Public Finance Reform – 2030 Agenda.

Rade has a License to perform the tasks of the bankruptcy administrator since 2011 as well as License for the performance of duties of a temporary representative of capital in social and state companies since 2012. He has significant experience in banking sector, consultancy services as well as government founded Privatization agency.