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Member of the Presidency, Serbian Association of Economists
Full Professor at Faculty of Economics (EFB), University of Belgrade. Born 1967 in Belgrade. Graduated in 1989 (EFB) – awarded as the best student of the generation by University of Belgrade. M.A. in Monetary Economics and Banking in 1993 (EFB). Ph.D. in finance in 1999 (EFB).

He worked at the Economics Institute Belgrade in 1991, and joined EFB in 1993.

Teaches undergraduate courses at EFB: Financial Markets, Securities investments, Economic Statistics.

Teaches graduate courses at EFB: Portfolio risk Analyses, and Derivatives.

He has been a president of the Commission for graduate studies in foreign languages at EFB, president of the Commission for foreign graduate validation at EFB, and vice-dean for research at EFB (2004-2006).

He headed a research project financed by Ministry of science and technology of the Republic of Serbia: “Development of financial markets in the Transition of the Economy of Serbia”.  

He has been teaching courses in the field of Banking and Finance on undergraduate and graduate level on University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA (2002), Summer University of Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (2008-2010), and on Master in Banking and Entrepreneurship organized by Unicredito Group (2005-2013), Italy. He has been a member of several PhD defense committees on foreign universities (Universitat Pompeu Fabra - Barcelona, Stockholm University, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Paris).

In 2002 as a Fulbright scholar, he had a series of guest lectures at University of New Heaven, University of Rhode Island, and University of California at Berkeley.

Specializations: Florida State University (1994), University of Rhode Island (1998), Swiss central bank (2001), Fulbright Lecturing/Research Grant - University of Nebraska (2002).   

Other posts: Executive director and privatization consultant in Stockbroker A.D. - brokerage and consulting firm - (1997-2001); Special advisor for financial markets in National bank of Yugoslavia (2000 – 2002); Long term advisor in Policy and Legal Advice Center of the EU in Serbia (2002 - 2003); Member of the Council of the National bank of Serbia (2003-2004); Executive director and Risk Management consultant in Center for Investments and Finance – Consulting and Risk Management Software development firm - (2005-2010); Member of the Economic Council of the Prime Minister of Serbia (2009 - 2010); President of the Council of the National bank of Serbia (2009 -2010); Governor of the National bank of Serbia (2010-2012); Member of the Board of Scientific Association of Serbian Economists (2006-2010 and 2014-); Member of the Board of Serbian Association of Economists (2013-); Member of Advisory Council of Central Bank of Montenegro (2018 - ).

He is an author of the book "Securities: portfolio management and mutual funds”. He has coauthored books "Financial Markets and Institutions", "Economic Statistics" and "Stock exchange lexicon". He has published more than 70 papers in the fields of Banking, Monetary Economics, Financial Markets and Transition.