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Member of the Presidency, Serbian Association of Economists
Toplica Spasojević was born in 1956. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics, the University of Belgrade. His professional career began in 1981 at Yugoslavia Commerce where he held various key management positions, from Department Manager to CEO, the Chairman of the Board and Executive of UK and Russia Divisions. In the early 1990s, Mr. Spasojević co-founded the company ITM, which quickly became a regional leader in distribution, logistics and manufacturing. ITM has collaborated with world-renowned companies and brands such as Sony, Nike, Gillette, L'Oréal, GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever, SCA, Tommy Hilfiger, Nokia, Bosch, etc. ITM was, also, a significant leader in the production of coal, steel, petrochemical products, raw materials and equipment for brewing and food industries. Today, he is president of ITM sistem, which consists of several companies in the field of distribution, logistics, manufacturing (food and metal products). He is also the president of Energoplan sistem company, representative of Andritz hydro, the biggest manufacturer of equipment for hydro-power plants in the world.
He has carried out various social functions such as: the President of Serbian Association of Corporate Directors, a Vice president of NALED, a Vice President of Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, member of the National Council for Economic Development of Serbia, member of the Council for Competitiveness and other.

Today he is a Chairman of the Board of Superbrands Serbia, a member of the presidency of the Serbian Association of Economists, Vice President of NALED Advisory Board, a member of the Business Club "Privrednik", member of Serbian Association of Corporate Directors  and other organizations, a member of Supervisory Board and Audit Committee in „Generali“ insurance company, a member of Supervisory Board in Farmalogist and a member of Supervisory Board in Copper mill Sevojno.

He was president of F.C. " Red Star", the president  of the Serbian Tennis Association Management board, Board member of the Sports Association and Basketball Club " Red Star", and is now a member of the Managing Board of Golf Club Belgrade.

The activities of Mr. Spasojević in all the aforementioned areas are directed towards improving business and social environment and fostering further development of the society. For his efforts, he received the international management awards from Sony and Nike. He was presented with the “Businessman of the Year” award in 2006 and the “Businessman of the Decade” award in 2011 by the Club of Economic Journalists of Serbia, as well as the “Businessman of the Year” (Planet Business Award) in 2011.