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General Manager, Bambi
Dragan Stajkovic has been the GM of Bambi company since December 2017.

With over two decades of experience in FMCG industry, he is a unique business leader in this region who has been in the industry ever since it has taken on the contours of modern business as we know it today.

Dragan started his career at Coca-Cola company in 1998. He has developed his competences and expertise by rising through the ranks in commercial divisions and business development while working in management positions as well as a consultant at other FMCG companies (Dukat, Marbo/PepsiCo, Nectar).

Since 2015, he has been a member of Moji Brendovi (Knjaz Milos, Bambi, Imlek) management team, where his primary focus was on improving Knjaz Milos commercial strategy and successfully repositioning the company’s brand on the market. In December 2017, Dragan was named GM of Bambi and has been successfully managing the company and its 800 staff ever since. He and his team have been credited with securing strong growth for Bambi and its brands in Serbia as well as the export confectionary markets.

Under his leadership, Bambi strengthened its position in the region which led to a successful acquisition in 2019, when the company became a part of Coca-Cola HBC.