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President, Women Association "Save the Village"
Initiator for the establishment of the Save the Village women's association Priboj - December 2012 and the president of the association to this day. So far, she has implemented as a coordinator 15 projects empowering rural women: through the distribution of greenhouses, excavators and equipment for processing fruits and vegetables, through the development of agriculture using new technologies, preserving cultural heritage, handicrafts, computer training, e-sales of domestic products training. Successfully organized 12 workshops in the fields of greenhouse production, organic production, culinary skills in rural tourism, gender equality and environmental protection. She completed training in project writing, business plans and passed on everything as a mentor to rural women who changed their awareness and became more visible in the local community.
I received a special award for dedication in the project of Boulevard of Women's Secrets Sanja and Vesna, received a special recognition for the development of rural women's entrepreneurship and was named Dragon Woman by the Association of Business Women of Serbia. I am a member of the Serbian Village Revival Team under the office of Minister Krkobabic.
For 5 years, I have been organizing the Thre Borders Without Borders event, which brings together singing groups from Montenegro, the Republika Srpska and Serbia, and organizes their competition. The same event organizes a competition for women in pie making, and a fair of local agricultural products and handicrafts, rewarding the best students of rural schools.
From 2010 when I retired full-time to 2012 worked as a construction site manager for the reconstruction of electrical installations at the MUP buildings in Plav, Rozaje and Berane, and at the Priboj Cultural Center in a private company.
From 1974 to 2010, worked as a designer or supervisor on all FAP-funded facilities, both industrial and residential.

I finished electrical engineering school in Uzice in 1973. I started working at the FAP in 1974 and in 1978 enrolled in the Higher Technical School in Cacak to study while employed. Due to my work and family responsibilities, I have never passed the last 4 exams.
Attended seminars for project writing for associations, drafting business plans, organized by the Delta Foundation through the Project Plantation for the Future, participated in sales training and marketing skills.

Throughout all these years I have acquired professional, business as well as skills in working with people, computer skills, teamwork, leadership, oral communication, public speaking skills, driving license.