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TASIĆ Mirjana
Advisor, The Serbian National Internet Domain Registry Foundation (RNIDS)
Since graduating from the University of Belgrade in 1970 with a degree in electrical engineering Mirjana Tasić has never left the IT field.
During her professional career, she started working as a system engineer for mainframe computers and finished as an IT manager.

But the most interesting part of her career is her engagement in providing people in her home country with access to wide-area computer networks, the venture in which she volunteered most of the time...

In the second half of the 1980s, she installed and maintained the first wide-area computer network node in ex-Yugoslavia. The node connected the Yugoslav academic community with other European academic communities through the network called EARN  (European Academic and Research Network). The main service was mail exchange and Mirjana was the technical coordinator of the EARN network for Yugoslavia until mid-1992.

In June of the year 1992, the United Nations imposed sanctions on Yugoslavia. Traffic on the EARN network was interrupted because the academic network was treated as a Yugoslav government project and all government-sponsored activities were stopped.

Mirjana then started the initiative to establish the Technical Committee of the Serbian Academic Network. The Technical Committee gathered young computer and network administrators from the University of Belgrade and involved them in solving the problem of maintaining the information exchange with the world.

The work of the Technical Committee of the Serbian Academic Network was the first attempt to activate the multistakeholder concept in Serbia. The Technical Committee managed to establish the solution which provided e-mail messages exchange with the rest of the world for the following few years.

The next big challenge was to return the administration of the .yu Internet domain to the entity that had Yugoslav residency. This Internet asset, Top Level Domain, was the basis for building Internet infrastructure in Yugoslavia.
The Internet Top Level Domain for Yugoslavia (.yu) was administered in Slovenia, by Jožef Štefan Institute. This process for gaining control over the Top Level Domain (.yu) has lasted two years, and Mirjana was delegated to finish it. When the .yu domain administration was returned to Yugoslavia, Mirjana became its administrator and worked in that position from 1994 to 2008. This task required a lot of technical, administrative, and even some political skills. 

The Internet development in Yugoslavia started in 1995 after UN sanctions against Yugoslavia had been removed. 

In the year 2007, Serbia became a member of the UN. That was the right moment for registering the Internet Top Level Domain for the Republic of Serbia and Mirjana dedicated herself to accomplish this task. 

First, it was necessary to establish a legal entity that would be the operator of the new national domain. With the help of the Serbian Internet Community, Mirjana organized the founding conference of the Serbian Internet Domain Registry (RNIDS). Then she registered RNIDS as a non-governmental, non-profit organization.  She volunteered as the RNIDS  acting director until the RNIDS board hired a professional director in 2010. 

In the autumn of 2007, she signed an agreement with ICANN-- the organization that administers global internet infrastructure. The agreement specified that the old domain .yu  should be retired and the new domain .rs would represent the Republic of Serbia on the Internet.

Mirjana accomplished all necessary steps for the transition from .yu to .rs. The registration of the .rs domain and the beginning of the transition from the .yu domain to the .rs domain started successfully on March 10, 2008.

In 2010, Mirjana started the project for the registration of internationalized domain name (IDN) in the Cyrillic script for Serbia “.срб“.
The IDN domain registration in Serbian language and Cyrillic script started in 2011. 

The last significant project that Mirjana undertook was chairing the Latin Generation Panel working group. Latin Generation Panel working group was a part of ICANN's major project Root Zone Label Generation Rules, whose major goal is to provide prerequisites for a multilingual Internet. This was her contribution to multilingualism on the Internet. The project lasted six years. 

Mirjana lives in Belgrade and is still active in ICANN working groups.