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Director for Operations and Regulatory Affairs, Digital Serbia Initiative
Bojana Tomić-Brkušanin is the Director of Operations and Regulatory Affairs at the Digital Serbia Initiative, as well as the Director of the USAID-funded "Venture an Idea" project, which focuses on systemic support for the development of the innovation ecosystem in Serbia. In the Initiative, she also leads projects in the field of legal regulations aimed at improving the legal framework for the development of the digital economy and innovation.
Prior to joining DSI, she held the position of Director of Regulatory Affairs in the Council of Foreign Investors and worked for seven years in the Securities Commission of the Republic of Serbia, where she was the Director of the Sector for International Relations and Development.
She is a highly-skilled professional with experience in international cooperation, drafting regulations and alignment of the national legal framework with the EU acquis compliance, as well as  project management. 
Ms Tomic-Brkuaanin holds a master’s degree in Business Law, from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, with a GPA of 9.5. She has more than 10 years of experience obtained in international and national environments at managerial and consulting positions (FAO, UNDP, KfW, USAID).