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TOMIĆ Dragan
Director, Microsoft Development Center Serbia
Dragan Tomic is an engineer and a leader with a broad expertise across several technology areas, mainly data processing, systems and applied machine learning. His passions are building great products and building great teams. During his career, he has demonstrated ability to find creative solutions to diverse set of technical, organizational and strategic problems. The greatest achievement of his career is that all of his teams have achieved great results and had fun working together. Currently he is the leader of Microsoft Development Center of Serbia (MDCS) which is a premier engineering organization comprised of more than 200 engineers delivering value across Microsoft divisions.
His belief is that we are at an infliction point of many technology domains such as internet services, machine learning and big data processing. Therefore, his motivation is to drive the next wave of technical innovations and establish MDCS as one of the leading R&D locations for Microsoft.
Within the local context, Dragan Tomic is active member of Digital Serbia team.  His goal is to raise the level of IT industry in Serbia and to help reposition Serbia as one of the leading tech countries in the region. He is also a cofounder of BIT (Belgrade Institute of Technology) which is the first boot camp style education startup in Serbia.  His core belief is that the future strength of the country is directly proportional to the number of individuals that will participate in tech sector.
He has been a member of various Microsoft teams for the last 20 years.  He started his career in Redmond in 1998 and relocated back to Serbia in 2008.  He has been MDCS director since 2009.  He led the growth of the development center from 18 engineers in 2009 to 200 engineers in 2018.  
He received an MBA degree from University of Washington in 2005, and he received Bachelors of Science with highest honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas Tech University in 1998.
His hobbies are outdoor activities, skiing, hiking and camping. He enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy and history books.