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CEO, Ekomobilnost
Zoran Torbica was born and raised in Belgrade.

During his younger days, he excelled in the areas of management and organization. In his twenties, he successfully ran a marketing and PR agency.

His interest in the Internet and new technologies brought wireless internet to Serbia, as he was one of the first providers in the Balkans.

Not long after that, he launched a domain registration service with card payments, which was seen for the first time in these areas.

In addition, Zoran Torbica started a non-governmental organization, called "Centar za razvoj Interneta", which contributed to the knowledge and development of the Internet in Serbia.

In the recent past, Zoran Torbica was a special advisor to The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government also an Advisor to the Major of city Koper in Slovenija

In addition to the above, Zoran Torbica is recognizable on the basis of numerous successful conferences that he organized, including Ekomobilnost, Adria Summit, Blogomanija; Tvitomanija; Nova Energija.