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Chief Executive, Pavilion Health Europe
Ozren Tošić is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and management consultant. He is one of the owners and the Chair of Pavilion Health Australia, an international software and data analytics company providing quality audit of coded hospital activity data, benchmarking of DRG complexity between hospitals and real-life big data analytics in healthcare.

Ozren is committed to accuracy, transparency, and use of health care activity data to promote creative professional dialogue, improve the quality of services and kickstart innovation. He has assisted more than 100 public and private organisations across four continents, and several governments, to improve their understanding of what they are doing, get better results and increase market share.

Ozren has advised the World Bank, EBRD, UN and DFID on the development of health care in Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Middle and the Far East, and has lectured at Belgrade and Harvard universities. In 2003-2004 he was Commissioner for Refugees in the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Ozren Tošić has a medical degree from Belgrade University (1985), a Masters in Public Health from Harvard University (1996), and a Masters in Business Administration from the Open University UK. He is a recipient of Harvard’s Albert Schweitzer Award for leadership in public health. He was a rowing champion.