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Djordje Trbovic is CEO and co-founder of IDJDigital. IDJ is a leading company in SEE and one of the leading European independent distribution companies, focusing on Music, Entertainment, Kids & various TV formats.  IDJ works with all major platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Tencent, TikTok and has over 22K tracks in their catalogue, 250K videos, and over 1500 clients.

His professional career has seen him making his name as a video director and DP and he has created over 400 music videos, 30 commercials and a few short movies. Starting in 2011 he was one of the few that initiated a new wave of content marketing and placement on digital services which meant the transition from traditional to download and streaming platforms.

In 2015 he launched the development of IDJDashboard, software solution for music distribution, reporting, and analytics. In 2016 he worked on establishing music television IDJTV and has been included in every segment of its creation.

For Djordje, the new decade has started with the launch of a new state-of-the-art IDJTV multimedia app and an announcement of the first interactive television channel that is expected to launch in April 2020.

Djordje is Member of the Board of Regional Association of Independent Discographers -
Balkans which is powered by IMPALA.
He is one of the youngest members of a United Media workgroup which has planted the seeds for the new era of an innovative technology called VIDA, which brings addressable advertising to set-top-box devices.

During his innovative and strong leadership in the company, in 2017 IDJ got acquired and became a part of United Media.