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TREVE Adriano
Area Head Turkey, Russia, Iran, Central Asia, Caucasus, Eastern Europe & Indian Subcontinent, Roche
I have embarked on my career as a member of Roche family in 1985 and on top of its own unrivaled commitment to delivering innovative solutions for unmet medical needs, the company has always provided me personal development opportunities. As a matter of fact, my Roche story witnessed various roles in different affiliates, serving as the Pharma Marketing Manager responsible for Portugal, as a Commercial Director for Europe in Basel, all before I was appointed as the General Manager of Roche Pharma Portugal and later as the General Manager of Roche Brazil.

Early 2014, I was appointed as the General Manager of Roche Pharma Turkey, on another continent, to make a difference in patients’ lives. 4 years later I started a new role in Roche Pharma as the Area Head of Central Eastern Europe, Turkey, Russia & Indian Subcontinent, based in Istanbul and overall responsible for 27 countries.

Throughout my Roche career, I have been extremely passionate about this company and what it stands for. Roche has always been a second home of my long journey and I’m proud to say I work for a company that is truly patient-centric and that is in the pursuit of new ways to fulfill the promise of personalized healthcare and to deliver hope to patients.