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Founder and Owner, Team Ing Centar
Uroš Turanjanin is the owner of the company TIM-ING CENTAR d.o.o. from Kragujevac, that manufactures Bending machines for aluminum and PVC profiles with 3D cameras, and also offers profile bending services.

Uroš is also the owner of the company TIM-ING SUGAR FREE d.o.o. from Kragujevac, that produces confectionery products without added sugar. In the range of products without added sugar, there are about 40 confectionery products exclusively designed by Uroš.

As an inventor, Uroš has a total of 17 recognized patents.

He is the winner of the competition in the patent inventor category - WIPO Medal for Inventors Award for the year 2019, for the patented invention entitled: "Application of 3D cameras in the process of bending profiles on a bending machine with three and four rollers" for which patent protection was achieved for the following foreign territories: England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Turkey, China, Spain, USA, and protection was achieved by Eurasian and European patents.
The mentioned invention was applied to a state-of-art bending machine controlled by 3D cameras, produced in TIM-ING CENTER in Kragujevac, all in 4 models and exported to over 40 countries, on all 5 continents.

When it comes to the utility value and development possibilities of the protected invention, Uroš came to the conclusion that the bending machine with 3D cameras represents the only technological achievement in the World at the moment, with which it is possible to fulfill very complex requirements and solve challenges, primarily in the field of architecture and construction. In addition to the automatic bending of regular arches and segments, it is possible to automatically bend arches with two and three radii, horizontal and vertical ellipses, where all parts of the finished product are symmetrical. Also, there are many areas of industry where the use of the bending machine is yet to be discovered, such as the electro-industry and the production of lighting elements, the production of stretched and elastic ceilings, the shipbuilding industry, aircraft industry, the furniture industry...