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VASIĆ Vladimir
General Secretary, Banks Association of Serbia
Mr Vladimir Vasić has over 15 years of professional experience in the financial and private sectors, including the managing positions he has held in several banks, insurance companies, as well as in an investment fund management company. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade, Department of Banking, Finance and Insurance, and during his professional development he attended numerous courses in both domestic and international environment on the topics of planning and strategic decision-making, credit and other risks in the operations of banks, as well as from the domain of managing projects, teams, quality, changes, etc.

During his career in banking, Mr Vasić was, inter alia, professionally engaged in general business related operational support; he dealt with tasks related to coordination and control of branch office operations; he worked on strategic planning and project management; he was a member of the risk committee, a member of the due diligence team, was authorised and responsible for managing project portfolios, and dealing with key changes. In addition, he carried out activities related to operational risks and activities concerning anti money laundering and compliance, managing projects for growth of competition, performance and quality of the bank’s operations, and carried out advisory activities aimed at the strategic improvement of financial performance.